Digital Smile Design with Katz Dentistry

We are pleased to offer our patients access to Digital Smile Design (DSD), the most precise, sophisticated system for planning the look of your new smile.  

DSD  supercedes traditional "analog" techniques whereby the look of new front teeth (size, proportions, shapes) were carved in wax in the laboratory. Planning your smile digitally allows us to precisely control the look of your teeth, as we design your new teeth to fit harmoniously in your smile. 

The DSD treatment is simple and painless. From our Austin office Dr. Katz takes photos of your smile and scans your teeth, then collaborates with the DSD technicians in Spain to create a customized treatment plan for your mouth. The best feature of DSD is that you can preview the end result before any work is done.  

Contact us today to discuss this revolution in aesthetic dentistry.

Digital Smile Design with Katz Dentistry

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